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Sex with corpses – How often does it really happen?

Just a few days ago, it became known that an employee of a funeral home in Dhaka was arrested because he had been accused of having sex with corpses for months. Is this an isolated case or is there more to it?

The man accused is 20 years old and works as an assistant for his uncle. Whether the relatives had any idea that the young man had sex with corpses is unclear so far. He was arrested and is awaiting trial. Apparently, there is sufficient evidence that he allegedly desecrated several female corpses. DNA traces of the man were found on the bodies themselves during an investigation. The alleged perpetrator is currently accused of at least 5 incidents. According to the prosecution, the young man is said to have committed acts against young women’s corpses when he worked in the morgue at night. A disgusting act … but how often does something like this happen and how large is the number of unreported cases in Europe?

Sex with corpses – other incidents
Many experts assume that the publicly disclosed cases, which among other things also reached the prosecution, are only the minimal tip of the iceberg. There have been isolated incidents in Europe time and again. For example, a burglar was also caught deliberately breaking into a mortician’s home and having sex with a corpse there. In Sweden, the Youth Party of the Swedish Liberals wanted to legalize necrophilia and incest. They argued that it makes no difference whether a corpse is given to a museum, to science or to someone for sexual intercourse.

In Cairo, men were supposed to have sex with corpses if there was a marriage relationship between them. The Egyptian parliament at the time, led by Islamists, wanted to allow this. The cinema film “The Corpse of Anna Fritz”, which was abused several times in the morgue by several men, led in part to severe criticism. The film is not light fare, even for people who like hard sex.

In Cincinnati, Kenneth Douglas (over 50) was arrested and convicted of necrophilia several years ago. He desecrated several corpses from 1976 to 1992. If they were delivered to his cold storage room, he had sex, preferably with young corpses, these were usually young dead women.

The list could be continued endlessly. The subject is still considered a firm taboo today, which means that probably just 0.5 percent of cases become known.

How often does it really happen?
The fact is, if a corpse is raped, it is usually young dead women. The perpetrators are mostly male, but this is also due to the fact that the employees in the funeral home and in the mortuaries are predominantly male.

If we look once directly at the act and we leave the terms like perverted and morbid simply times aside, then we see a man, who has a naked dead woman before itself. A young black-haired woman -let’s give the victim a face-, little disfigured, with long hair and no signs of decomposition yet.

How great is the temptation not necessarily to have sex with corpses, but to touch the dead woman who visually appeals to the employee, and in a way that is not part of his job, that is, in the sexual sphere?
Talked about it is usually never, but there are here and there some former employees who say on the record that sex with corpses, not suitable touching, is common in this profession. It’s even filmed, they say, and private photos are taken of them in suggestive poses and of their private parts. This is not unusual, say people familiar with the industry.

Morticians and mortuary employees often experience social distancing as a result of their profession and image. A pretty corpse can then certainly have an appeal. Whether sex with corpses or necrophilia is really a pathological inclination, a perverted fetish, is difficult to say. Many of the convicted crimes were not necessarily in this area, of course, there were also mentally ill among them, but these represented only a small part of the perpetrators.

Rape in the hospital
Let’s take a look at an identical issue. Rape in hospitals by staff and doctors, we now know, is more common than formerly thought. The victims would hardly have a chance because of the lack of evidence and the fact that memories are hardly present during anesthesia or coma.

Here, too, the sexual stimulus plays a supporting role. A naked female patient, young and attractive, may stimulate hospital staff and doctors to such an extent that boundaries are crossed.

If necrophilia is once considered outside the perverse and the pathological, the stimulus, the sexual pleasure and the attractive woman (whether dead or defenseless) is the focus. The perpetrators in the hospital that have come to light are almost always ordinary men, doctors and staff who have succumbed to a punishable lust at that moment.

Thus, in order to understand necrophilia, hospital rapes may well be used as comparative values. A former doctor from the USA even once said, for which he was heavily criticized, that young women in anesthesia or in coma should under no circumstances be left alone by relatives. He recommended 24-hour video surveillance to prevent the massive cases that usually went undetected. In Europe, the same voices were heard from time to time. It makes no difference whether we are talking about Romania, Ukraine or France or even Germany. The desire is the same everywhere.

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