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Penis ring – My experience

In my circle of friends, this part was mentioned again and again and in the forums it was often, so I perceived it, omnipresent. At that time I still wondered who the hell puts a penis ring over his best part. To answer that question, I tried it myself once. Whether it was really painful and whether my best part had to suffer, I want to tell you in an experience report. You will find out whether the penis ring has become my best friend or whether I hate it.

The magic penis ring
I was a little surprised during my test of the penis ring when I saw a pink version with unicorns or one with Batman wings and a head. At first this irritated me a little. But then I decided to go with the usual models, which were discreetly made of leather and metal, so as not to cause irritation either with me or with my partner.

For all those who have not yet really dealt with this magical tool, a brief introduction. The penis ring is also commonly referred to as a cock ring. It is classically made of metal, but also available in leather, plastic and other materials. There are narrow versions as well as wider ones, like the one in pink with the unicorns on it. No idea who came up with such an idea, but apparently there must be men who are into unicorns. At the same time, there are also versions that are combined with small toys that are supposed to give the partner another pleasure (but the unicorn version was not one of them).

The cock ring is also often observed as intimate jewelry. It is placed around the glans, penis or scrotum. Magical abilities are said to him during erection. In short, the tail is said to stay longer in all its glory and appear thicker overall. This can be especially helpful for men with erectile or potency problems. If it’s worn around the scrotum, it’s even said to be able to enhance orgasm. I’m not a mimosa, not by a long shot, however I do imagine wearing it around the scrotum with a bit of apprehension.

Nevertheless, I have pulled through the test and dedicated myself to the cock ring once more precisely. In fact, I noticed in the sauna with a man, this ring is also worn as intimate jewelry. But I must confess that I did not dare to address the guy with his gold ring down there. He already noticed that I was looking down at his best part and reacted to it not exactly with a smile and his big muscles kept me from a closer look. Alright, those were the first initial difficulties that I had to face daringly.

My experience with the penis ring
To cut to the chase, I don’t want to wear the cock ring as intimate jewelry. I want to know if it can improve my orgasm and if my beloved friend down there will last longer because of the penis ring. When I first looked around at the small intimate helpers, I was gobsmacked that there were so many different variants. From small, to wide, single or even multiple rings, some even with amazing additions.

The common models are applied up to the scrotum, some even above. If it now comes to an erection, my cock should become bigger and harder, as in other play. I must add that I have an ordinary penis. What does ordinary mean, you will now ask. It is not too small, but not too long either. It is not so thick, but still – I hope – enough to give my partner the desired effect.

I have been shaving down there since I was a kid. Now with the penis ring test, a positive effect. Shaved should be when using down there already, otherwise the small pubic hairs can get caught in it and provide a small pain effect. So, as a precaution, I shaved again before using it.

Day 1 with my cock ring
Now it is said everywhere that it is not difficult to put on the penis ring. This may be true in theory, but in self-application, at least the first time, it requires not only a certain overcoming, but also a little practice in handling. In fact, it is advisable to read the instructions on the product carefully and perhaps watch a few videos. Otherwise, the penis ring will quickly become a painful intimate jewelry.

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