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Are you a bitch – The answer!

In the first part, we let women have their say, telling us how many ex-boyfriends they’ve had over the last few years. Is that enough to say: You’re a bitch? Or do other points play a role? You can find out the answer in our second part. So it remains exciting!

What is a bitch?
Bitch, slut or other terms we use today in many conversations. A few decades ago, these terms were still considered an insult, but today it has become very watered down. Sometimes, being called a bitch or slut is even a kind of distinction.

What does bitch mean?
The term comes from English and is broad. Actually, it meant the aggressiveness of a bitch in heat. At some point, however, the term became ambiguous and was also used in the case of an exaggerated female sexuality.

Many men are overwhelmed with such women and maybe this term is even a kind of expression of fear that some men feel. It is interesting that the word was already brought as a swear word in the 14th century. Today, bitch or slut is mainly found when women have had numerous ex-boyfriends/lover or dress too revealingly. Sometimes prostitutes are also called slut or bitch. Whether it is then an insult, depends on the type and use of the emphasis.

So now we know what is meant by the term. A look at the women who might like to be called bitch can be quite interesting. In dirty talk, the designation can be quite stimulating, even in a role play, the bitch can be well integrated. It just depends on what both like. Or the bitch looking for sex meetings.

What is a bitch – The women
Uninhibited, easy to have, open-hearted dressed and more comes to mind men to the term of the bitch. But there is another side, which receives little attention in the media. This is about women. What type of woman likes to act like a bitch?

If you look around, you can find two types of women, which partly also mix. On the one hand, there are the ladies with a healthy and very strong self-confidence. This scares many men. They don’t need a guy to finance their lives, they are more independent and like to show it. On the other hand, there are women who like to live out their sexuality without the constraints of morality and social norms. They want to live, feel and have fun and don’t care about what others think of them.

With these two types of women, the term slut or bitch often shows up. In fact, it is usually hardly about the fact that she may be particularly good in bed or had many lovers. It is much more the fear of men who simply can not cope with a too self-confident woman and then do what seems easiest to them: she becomes a bitch.

Not to forget, also men can be called sluts and bitches quite. Mostly, then, they are gays who may have had a high number of sexual partners. So it is not a purely female term.

Bitch = bitch and diva
But wait a minute. A bitch does not necessarily have to have an exaggerated sexuality, she can also simply be a bitch or a diva. The term bitch or bitch has become so watered down in recent years that there are so many interpretations of it.

A bitch is a nightmare for many men, but also a challenge that they love to overcome. An effervescent diva is the intensification form of a bitch. Here, too, nice games can be incorporated during dirty talk or role play.

When do I become a bitch?
I had sex with 20 men? Is that enough? What happens when you have had 5,000 men like this woman? You like to dress seductively and open-heartedly? Then you are a slut or not?

The classification is always in the eye of the beholder. If you want to offend or suppress your fear, you will always find an argument to call a woman a bitch. However, the decisive factor is that a woman feels comfortable in her behavior and why shouldn’t a young girl have already had 30 lovers? If she likes it, enjoys it and lives her life, that’s perfectly fine! Or not?

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