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Are you a bitch – How many ex boyfriends are normal?

At what point is a woman a bitch and what is a normal number of ex-boyfriends. To answer this question, we simply let other women have their say. One lady openly responded to these questions and gave us an interesting impression. Decide for yourself if this is a bitch, a frigid spinster or just normal.

Melanie, 22 years – A bitch!
She studies social pedagogy and is adorable. Long red hair, blue-green eyes and a delicate face that should probably please every man. Maybe Melanie is a bitch? Right at the beginning she admits to have had spontaneous sex meetings with 2 strangers. She got to know these men through casual dating, with her friend she also tried it once. But more than petting did not take place. When asked about the number of her ex-boyfriends, she has to think about it for a moment and do the math.

Melanie asks, “Ex-boyfriends … that is, real relationships or also dates with blowjobs …?”

Then she tries to name a number. 5 men there were. So steady relationships. Currently she is solo again and looking for man number 6, where we wish her good luck of course!

Samira is 32 years young
A very pretty young woman with a petite figure. Sex meetings, she says, she had never had and would never want. A relationship is something so wonderful and intimate for her that she only wants to have sex with someone she loves.

How many lovers have you had
How many ex-boyfriends do you have?
She has had a total of 3 ex-boyfriends. Her 4th boyfriend might be the boyfriend of her life. Secretly she is already planning the wedding.

Michelle, just turned 18
She is definitely a real bitch. Perky, smart and always looking for adventures, she doesn’t see much difference between a sex date and a real boyfriend. After all, she says, he only wants sex, too. In general, she doesn’t like fixed relationships, she’s still developing, wants freedom and to live out her life. She doesn’t like people, she admits, but she does like sex and that might explain the short-term encounters.

After all, she still explains that she likes it best from behind. But how many ex-boyfriends, encounters, has she had? She wants to name the exact number, but when asked again she states that there were more than 20. Bitch!

Ekaterina is 25 years young
Impressively beautiful endless legs and an incredible figure. Nevertheless, she has remained on the ground. Some would want to call her frigid. She still lives with her first boyfriend, whom she met at school when she was 14. However, she is not married to him, which is a bit surprising by Russian standards.

Ana … the globetrotter
She looks like she’s 20, but she’s already almost 30. Ana likes to travel the world and never stays in one place for more than a few weeks. Only Corona has changed that a little. There are short sexual adventures here and there. But she does not want to talk about sex meetings. She has about 5 ex-boyfriends. She could kill 2 right away, one she hasn’t seen for years and she has a good relationship with the other two. Tomorrow she wants to travel to Brazil … How does that work, in times of Corona and strict controls, we want to know? “Simple, I travel with a good friend in a private jet … there you can fly anywhere … without big controls …” Now we know that Ana is not single.

Where do you meet?
In times of Corona, this question is particularly interesting. Even before the virus, most people got to know each other through dating and sex portals. Of course, casual dating portals are especially popular, but unfortunately many of them do not work seriously and it is mostly the man who gets ripped off, while women can become members at a discount or even for free.

In fact, before Corona, dating portals and casual dating sites were in the foreground, depending on whether a sex meeting or a serious relationship was desired. Nothing has changed in the times of Corona, however, try -especially men- preferably through social media women and men to get to know. This is true for both sex meetings and relationships. Interesting is that, with the dating portals there are two kinds of women. The one, always have the same profile, which is filled with new photos occasionally and switched inactive, if a new relationship exists. The others constantly create new profiles.

However, most singles would rather meet a woman or man the old-fashioned way (in the supermarket, on the street, in the bar, etc.). The sex portals and dating sites on the net are more of a stopgap than a lovey-dovey alternative. But in times of Corona the sex contacts take place almost exclusively over the net.

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